Draft Packing List: Nazarene Sukkot, 2015

Martins Landing, Lake Murray, OK

1.  Pack a Good Attitude, and Keep it With You at All Times!  Prepare to Rejoice!

2.  Bring your Bible & Shofar & Nazarene/Messianic Music.

3.  Warm clothes.  The weather may start off warm, but rapidly turn cold.  Bring a warm coat because it may get downright cold.

4. Help with food by bringing things from the “needs” list (to be published). The camp standard is “Biblically clean.” If you have special food needs or desires, please make arrangement to fulfill them.

5. Bring an ice chest.

6.  Cookware, plates and utensils.

7.  Bring soap and toiletry items.

8. Bring extra toilet paper and paper towels.

9. Bring towels, sun screen, and bug spray.

10. Bring a flashlight or lantern and batteries.

11.  Bring outdoor chairs.

12. Bring some type of first aid kit.

13. Similar to #4, if you have special coffee or tea preferences, bring them.

14.  Pillow, bedding or sleeping bags for each individual camper

15.  Bring games and activities for your kids

16.   Bring a camera.  (If it is on your phone, great!)

17.   BOOK EXCHANGE: Bring your used books to exchange with others. Please don’t bring any book that you would not want posted to the internet next to your picture.

18.  These are recommendations – If YOU have a recommendation, please feel free to let everyone know….soon!

Remember:  “If you bring it, then you’ll have it.”